Brenda Redfern receives Best Lawyer Award from University of Mississippi School of Law

For the second year, attorney Brenda Redfern served as an adjunct professor for the University of Mississippi School of Law during its winter intersession, teaching to first year students what she has spent a substantial portion of her legal career doing – Contract Drafting and Negotiation.  The program is designed to better prepare law students for the legal practice by teaching students how to negotiate contract terms and draft documents while applying the law of contracts they learned in the previous semester.  Brenda says "After finishing this class, students overwhelmingly tell me that they have more confidence about going out into the ‘real’ world and negotiating and drafting a contract because they did it in class.  It is a very grueling two weeks with class meeting four and a half hours every day Monday through Friday, after which students have a significant amount of drafting homework, reading and a major project.  The students focus only on this one course during the two weeks so they are totally immersed in the subject matter.  It is a phenomenal way to learn very practical and useful skills.  I wish a class like this had been offered when I was in law school!"


Biggs, Ingram & Solop is pleased that Brenda recently received the Best Lawyer Award and the firm has the opportunity to assist in the law school’s training of our next generation of lawyers and for the recognition of Brenda’s skills in the area of contracts. We congratulate the students who were selected for special awards.