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By:  Lynn Patton Thompson On December 17, 2018, the Small Business Runway Extension Act was signed into law by President Trump and became P.L. 115-324. The new law amends the Small Business Act at 15 USC§632(a)(2)(C)(ii)(11) by enlarging the period in which small business size status must be determined for those concerns whose size is determined on the basis of gross receipts. Prior to .. Read More
By:  Lynn Patton Thompson On December 11, 2018, the United States Secretary of Transportation announced the award of grants to pay for ninety-one (91) infrastructure revitalization projects through the DOT’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development ("BUILD") program. Projects funded through BUILD grants include road, rail, port, and transit infrastructure projects.   .. Read More
By: C. Stephen Stack, Jr.
By: Robert A. Biggs, III
VA must set aside all VA acquisitions for veteran owned small businesses. Click the attachment below to read the Supreme Court Opinion.