Claims, Disputes & Appeals (Construction/Government)
Claims of a government contractor or qui tam plaintiff are governed by public laws, regulations, and jurisprudence that differ greatly from private party contracts. Biggs, Ingram & Solop, PLLC have decades of experience in government contracts claims and disputes and the appeals that may be required. Like bid protests, government contracts claims require practitioners like us who have extensive experience in claims preparation and litigation before specialized tribunals that deal exclusively with claims against the government, including the various Boards of Contract Appeal, the Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

BIS attorneys are experienced in assessment and preparation of Requests for Equitable Adjustment and Claims. We understand the rubric of certifications, regulations and limitations that impact the disputes and appeals process. Our clients come from all over the country and include prime contractors, subcontractors, service providers, and suppliers. We have pursued –and defended — complex claims and appeals including delays, loss-of-productivity, liquidated damages, defective specifications, government interference and disruption, changes, differing site conditions, termination for default, and terminations for convenience.

Many clients request our assistance during contract administration. Counsel in handling issues as they arise and ensuring the government’s compliance with its obligations can minimize or even prevent protracted and expensive disputes. Our acumen in federal and state procurement law and regulations and the jurisprudence unique to them enable us to provide guidance from the start to final completion of a contract. BIS provides guidance on the Federal Acquisition Regulation, agency-specific federal acquisition regulations, False Claims Act, Truth-in-Negotiating Act, Cost Accounting Standards, DCAA audits, Mississippi Procurement Manual, and numerous other federal and state procurement regulations.