Commercial & General (Litigation)

BIS senior litigators have many years of experience in the areas of Commercial and General Litigation in all Mississippi state and federal courts. We utilize the latest in innovative technology and employ a well-trained support staff worthy of firms many times our size. The vast majority of all litigation settles prior to trial, but where compromise either fails or is not recommended, BIS litigators are experienced in taking cases to verdict. Our extensive experience includes:

  • Business Torts – BIS attorneys practice in the areas of defamation, theft of trade secrets, interference with contract, fraud and misrepresentation, and breach of fiduciary duties.
  • Banking, Commercial Lender Liability – BIS attorneys are well experienced in disputes regarding commercial loans, commercial transactions, and negotiable instruments.
  • Breach of Contract – BIS attorneys have long-standing experience in contract disputes in the energy, oil & gas industries, construction disputes, employment contracts, sophisticated business contractual disputes, real estate disputes, and suits for declaratory judgment.
  • Injunctive Relief – temporary restraining orders, mandatory and prohibitive injunctive relief.