Workers' Compensation (Employment/Administrative)
The attorneys at Biggs, Ingram & Solop, PLLC have for decades effectively represented employers, their insurance carriers and self-insured employers in workers’ compensation claims filed throughout the State of Mississippi. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have a history of aggressively and successfully handling matters before administrative agencies such as the Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission and have tried these matters in counties statewide. This includes experience with appearances before judges at administrative hearings, as well as representation throughout the appeals process in other Courts of law. Our members also frequently serve on the speaking faculty at seminars on the subject of Mississippi workers’ compensation from the perspective of the employer and carrier.

According to the preference of the client, the members of our firm’s workers’ compensation practice group have historically been consulted by claims personnel and employee representatives and requested to evaluate claims and handle their defense from the first report of an injury to the resolution of the claim. Evaluations involve matters such as compensability of the claim, appropriateness and reasonableness of the medical care provided, vocational considerations, expert witness involvement and ultimately the evaluation of the potential exposure to the client.

The attorneys at Biggs, Ingram & Solop, PLLC welcome the opportunity to work closely with our clients on all aspects of their claim, and we understand the importance in the level of communication and information necessary to be provided to our clients throughout the course of a workers’ compensation claim.