Christopher Solop and Lynn Thompson Win Judgment for Riverside Construction, Inc. against Entergy Mississippi, Inc.

In an earlier post, it was announced that Christopher Solop and Lynn Thompson won a maritime jurisdictional issue in a dispute involving construction work in the Mississippi River. Following Judge Henry Wingate’s decision that the case had been improperly removed by Entergy, Chris and Lynn presented Riverside Construction’s in claims against Entergy Mississippi, Inc. before Warren County Circuit Judge James Chaney. Riverside sued Entergy for payment for repairs Riverside performed on a dock dolphin at Entergy’s plant in Vicksburg. The dock dolphin had been damaged by a run-away barge. Entergy claimed Riverside was only entitled to be paid $182,010.

After an eight day bench trial, Chris and Lynn secured a significant monetary judgment in favor of Riverside, with Judge Chaney determining Riverside was entitled to payment of just over $1,000,000. After crediting Entergy with payment previously made, including payment Entergy made "under protest" and counter-claimed against Riverside at trial, Entergy was ordered to pay Riverside an additional amount of nearly $580,000.